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soo we graduateddd : ( it went by so fast. it wasn't anything like i though it
would be like. i was sitting next to becky the whole time and felipe was
in the row behind us but to the right and all i was doing was turning to my left
and turning to my right looking back. just thinking, beckys moving, felipes gone
for the whole summer and im not gonna be with any of them for high school. we walked
out and i saw mr. and mrs. silveira and remembered all the times i went out to dinner,
to their house, and to framingham. it was very sadd. then we werent there very
longg. said goodbyee and left.

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just felt like postingg before i leave. going out tomorrow nighttt which is fridayy and then saturdayy monster truckkksss ! with the loveessss. then new hampshire sundayy to get more stuff for itallyy :] then leavingg tuesdayy for ITALLYYYY !!
theee hottelll :]

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went to the mall last nightt for the first timee :/ kindaa weird, not having everyone tthere but it was finee. chilled with anna, becky, eli, jon, jon, shelly, & a lott moreee. took picturess. mett a neww jon ? haha i dunno never seen him beforee, but he chills with jon. left at like 9:30 haha i was madd tiredd. beckyy slept overr. went to sleep at like 2. everyonee came over in the morning, had a bigg breakfast & then got readyy for tonightt. people comingg for my mom. & get to be stuckk in her room watching whatevers on.

elii random



jonnn :]

eli & halff of the other jon

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last fridayyy

went to the celticss gamee with beckyy last fridayy. got all dressed up & shitt. jerseyss & everythingg. put 34 on our cheek :] haha. went to legends beforee the game & then met up with jon. haha! havent seen him in sooo long ! talked & everything then went to our seats. game started & just chilled. afterr watched the guyss on the drumss of course ! :] haha you have to if you go to a celtics gamee. lol

thee tip off


paull standingg


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paul & kid


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went backk to school todayy. normall stuff. courtneyy was still sickk :[ veryy depressing. it was verryy quiet in school. had a test in social studiess. we could finish it tomorrow if we didnt finish it todayy sooo since i didnt studyy imma studdyy in the morningg & then get it right :] went to the y todayy with anna & we worked our ass' off ! there was this little girl like dancingg & singing in the lobby whilee we waited for my mom. & then a girl came crawling up to the couch & anna like flipped out ! haha. then we went to wal-mart & we looked like complete freaks cause we were in shortsss. we got my posterr & you knoww we felt like getting fat again so we had subwayy ! but i guess its good for you casue that guy like lost 200 pounds by eating it soo ? haha camee homee. did all my homework for once. got readyy & went to wendyss moms wakee. camee back homee & did more homework & watched some american idol with the familyy cause my moms tryingg this neww thing out ? lol
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went to the mall last night with anna, becky, vanessa, beckyy, shelly, joeyy, shortyy, josh, jon & a lottt moree :]saw a bunch of peopleee. got there at like 6:30 & we all just chilled & went out onto the bridge with everyone at like 8:30 & i stood up on the side thingg. & they cops camee & i got kicked outt :] haha theyy were madd gay ! the ladyy said i could go into the mall to get whoever was coming with me or to go to my dad. so i went into the mall & the guy yeahh not the ladyy yelled at this group of guys behind us & then said "excuse me miss, you arent supposed to be in here" so me & anna were like yeahh the lady said we could go meet my dad. he was like where is he. i was like in verizon. he was like you cant go in there. i was like fuck you ! the lady said we could. he was like no she didnt i was standing with her the wholeee time ! anna wsa like umm noo buddyy you werent even there half the time. you came after the ladyy talked to us. so yeahh we left at like 9. the guy talked to my dad and some complete bullshit & my dad just drove away didnt even caree. went to beckyys housee. i kept falling asleep on the couch so i just went to bed. joeyy called & scared the shit out of. then felipe called. so i just shut my phone off cause i was soo tired. then woke up at like 11 & came bck to my housee.. going out tonighttt :]
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went to the bank with my aunt & then went groceryy shopping. There are some pretty creappyy guys there. lol. Kevin called at like 1 & asked if i wanted to go to lunch at this japanese hidachi placeee.? it wass soo funnnyy ! we walked around on the street & looked at all the stores. we got picked up at like 4 & went back to my aunts house. haha we made coookies & all played texas holdem & kings in the corner. we played like 8 games of kings in the corner & i won 5 and Kevin won 3. my aunt & uncle werent even in the gameee :] he got picked up at like 6, went over to my uncle tonys & aunt cindyyss, spent time with them. Did christmas presents & got 50 dollerss :] came back here and played this game with my uncle and won :] britney came over and we watched christmas with the kranks. then my uncle nd aunt went to bed. we stayed up till like 12:30. went to bed but i couldnt sleep so i went out on the porch and listened to my ipod. i think i fell asleep, and woke up at 6:30 listening to deer running in the backyard. went inside nd went back to bed till like 8:30, got readyy & then left for new york.


went to new yorkk. took the train to grand centrall :] met up with my aunts friends in like polchester or somethingg. we started to walk 5th avenue but my aunts friend said we should go to rockafeller center, so we walked there & the tree looks so different compared to on tv. it wasnt as full & everything. the flags too. we walked around for like an hourr & we went to trump towerr. oh god it was like if you aint rich you shouldnt even walk insidee !! there was a fucking pen that was 10,000 dollerss !! & i had to get my chocolate covered strawberryy :] cant forget abou tthatt !! We walked to central parkk & there were these guyss like break dancingg & like acrobats. they were madd funnnyy ! they were jumping over people. We took the subway to times square & ohh godd was there this hott guyy !! :] haha took soo manyy picturess of times squaree & mtv ! it was like 8 so we walked to grand central & went back homee. GRAND CENTRAL IS AMAZINGG !! it was soo prettyyy !! :] haha we went to get pizza at john the bakersss. I SAW TOMMYYY !! haha he used to baby sit me when i was little & when my family was at the hospitall ! ohh godd is he hott !! :] i brought the pizza out to the carr & my aunt came out after me & she was like tommy asked if that was really you, nd i said yess, nd he said lillian ! shes beautiful !! i was like ohh godd !! haha got homee had dinner, & then me nd britneyy watched tv till like 1.


britney left at like 8 & i slept till like 12:30 :] haha made cookies with my aunt & got readyy to go out to her work partyy thingg. they played this game triology. it was like poker, hearts, & this other game combined. gamblingg of coursee :] hahah we playedd for like 5 hourss & i won !! got anotherrr 50 dollerss from thatt :] we left at like 11 & i went to bed like right when we got homeee.


i got up at like 9 & made my dads depression cake for his birthayy :] we left at like 12 & got to the restaurant at 2. we had lunch & everyhing & then i was on my way hommmeee !! hahah got homee at like 5, got readyy & met mara at the mall. i finally got to see everyonee !! haha beckkyy saw me first & she stopped & screamed & then rann up to mee !! haha jonn like pickedd me upp !! :] we all chilledd & then i left at like 9:30 & went abck to maras houseee.


slept over beckyyss housee & got up at like 1 ! hahah i went back homee & then we went to the mall at like 4, joey, shorty, & georgiaa met up with us. nd at like 5 we camee back to my placeee. they all wanted to see my room cause of my loft but then they wouldnt get out ! haha my bed smelt soo good aferr :] we chilled & playyed pool for like 4 hourss ! they were obsessed with it or something ! joeyy finally asked to go on the computer soo he went on the computer & was on for like an hourr so i went to go nd see what he was doingg. me & him just chilled in there for like 10 min. then we all went back out & chilled. they left at like 8 & beckyy left at 8:30-9. & thenn we had a snowwdayyy :]

im getttingg picturess from new yorkk soonn !! :]
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